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Create a New User

Owners and Administrators have the ability to create new users through the Admin Panel

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  1. Navigate to “Amplify” and then select “Admin”. 

  2. Click on “Create New User”. 

  3. Enter the new user’s first name, last name, and email address. 

  4. Select the desired role for the new user. If your own role is Owner, you may select any role (Owner, Administrator, User or Observer). If your own role is Administrator, you may only select User or Observer. Click here to learn more about roles. 

  5. You may add additional email addresses by clicking on "Add another email address". The additional email address will receive the same emails as the user's primary email address. 

  6. Select which locations’ referrals you would like the new user to be able to access. This will prevent the user from accessing referrals and metrics for other locations.

  7. You may also disable or enable email notifications for each location. Email notifications are sent to the user when the location receives a new referral. 

  8. Click on “Create New User”. 

  9. An email has been sent to the user titled “Welcome to Simplifeye” from

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