If you ever experience trouble connecting to the credit card reader, you may encounter one of these messages on the smile screen:


The best course of action to resolve this is typically a restart of the device. Please follow these steps:

Restarting your Smile

  1. Locate the power button for the display by inserting your finger into the slot under the left portion of the display as shown in the image below

  2. Press and hold the power button for up to 3 seconds. A menu will appear on the display

  3. Tap “Restart” on the display

The steps above resolve most connectivity issues.

However, if you continue to face issues with connecting to the reader, please try the following additional steps:

  1. Check to see if there is a light in the slot indicated by the image below. If the light is off, your device may be low on battery and needs to be plugged in.

  2. If you do see a light, unplug your device and press and hold the power button within this slot for 8 seconds. The light will turn off.

  3. Once off, plug the Smile back into the charger, wait for the light to appear again, and tap “Retry” on the display.

If attempting all of these steps fails to resolve your issue, you may be experiencing a hardware issue. Kindly contact the Simplifeye customer support team for a resolution.

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