Resolving Connectivity Problems with the Card Reader

After extended periods of inactivity, your card reader may go into a power reserve mode and disconnect from the display. Your display will pull up one of the following screens:

While restarting the display has shown to resolve the situation in some cases, the steps below will ensure that your card reader is connected and ready for processing. Please make sure that your card reader is powered on before starting:

  1. Tap the network name in the top-left of the display. This will take you to a confirmation screen

  2. Tap Go To WiFi Settings

  3. Tap the back arrow in the top-left

  4. Tap on Connected Devices

  5. Within the Connected Devices screen, tap on + Pair New Device

  6. Locate the device in the list starting with STRM2… and tap on it

  7. Tap Pair and wait for the system to confirm that the card reader has been paired

  8. Once paired, tap the back arrow in the bottom left until you reach the redirect screen

  9. Press and hold the power button located at the top of the Tablet until you see an option to restart the device

  10. Press Restart, and then wait for the device to power back on.

  11. You may need to press Retry one additional time. One you see your practice's logo, the device has successfully connected.

If the above steps do not resolve your situation, kindly contact Simplifeye for further assistance. We are constantly making improvements to the system, and are actively working to improve connectivity between the card reader and the display

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