We’ve written this setup guide to instruct users how to pair and set up Simplifeye on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Your Watch must not already be paired to another iPhone, or else you will have to unpair the Watch. There are three phases involved in fully setting up your mobile devices and they are as follows:

Pairing your Apple Watch

  1. You will first turn on your iPhone and Apple Watch. When the Apple Watch finishes starting up, tap to choose your language and region, then follow the onscreen instructions. When prompted, position iPhone so that Apple Watch appears in the viewfinder in the Apple Watch app.

  2. If done correctly, the display will show “Your Apple Watch is Paired”, and you will be prompted to choose from a series of options as follows:

Wrist Preference -- Select “Right” or “Left” depending on user preference

Terms and Conditions -- Tap “Agree” and then tap “Agree” again for the following prompt to confirm

Watch Analytics -- Select “Share with Apple” to help Apple improve its healthcare initiative. You can learn more about this option by clicking the “Learn More About Watch Analytics” link at the bottom. Otherwise tap "Don't Share"

Shared Settings -- Tap “OK”

Apple Watch Passcode -- Tap “Create a Passcode” to create a password for the Watch

Apple Pay  -- Tap "Set Up Later in the Apple Watch App"

Activity -- Tap “Skip this Step” at the bottom of the display

Emergency SOS -- Tap “Continue”

Install Available Apps -- Select “Choose Later”

***On Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular), you can also set up cellular.***

Your Apple Watch will now begin syncing! Wait for it to finish before proceeding. Don’t stress if you make a mistake during this process. You can always change the Watch settings after you’re finished setting up.

Installing the Simplifeye app

Once your Watch has finished syncing, install Simplifeye on both devices by performing the following steps.

  1. Make sure you're connected to a good Wi-Fi network.

  2. Open the App Store on your iPhone.

  3. Search for and select Simplifeye - your connected office

  4. Tap “GET” (or the cloud icon) to download the app to your phone. NOTE: Apple requires users to sign in with an Apple ID to download an application.

  5. After the iPhone app download is complete, open the Watch app and scroll down to find Simplifeye on the My Watch tab.

  6. Tap "Install" and wait for the download to complete.

Optimizing notifications

For the best Simplifeye experience, we recommend you change the following additional settings in the Watch application on the iPhone.

  1. In the Passcode section, turn off Wrist Detection

  2. In Sounds and Haptics

  • Raise the Alert Volume to its highest setting.

  • Turn off Silent Mode.

  • Raise Haptic Strength to its highest setting.

  • Turn on Prominent Haptic

In the General section, tap Wake Screen

  • Under “On Screen Wake Show Last App” set it to “Always”

  • Under “On Tap” set it to “Wake for 70 Seconds”

You should now be all set and ready to use Simplifeye! For detailed instructions on how to use the Apple Watch, you can find the official Apple guide here: http://help.apple.com/watch

TIP: Adding Simplifeye to your dock

Adding the Simplifeye button to your doc will allow you to immediately access Simplifeye with a press of the side button; no need to sift through small icons!

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select the My Watch tab.

  2. Go to Dock and tap Favorites at the top of the page.

  3. Tap Edit at the top-right corner.

  4. Scroll down and find Simplifeye in the "Do Not Include" section.

  5. Tap and hold the three horizontal lines on the right and drag it up to the top of the section marked "Favorites".

  6. Tap Done in the top-right corner to save your changes.

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