What versions of the iPhone does Simplifeye work with?

Simplifeye, like the Watch, works with all iPhones that can run the latest mobile operating system. As of September 2016, the list includes iPhones 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, SE, 5s, 5c, and 5.

Can I install Simplifeye on my personal iPhone (and Watch)?

Yes, as long as you check that Simplifeye is compatible with the devices you own. See answer to previous question.

Can I use Simplifeye on the iPhone without the Watch?

Yes! The Simplifeye iPhone app has all the functionality of the Watch including notifications and patient lists; the only thing it doesn't do is go on your wrist.

Can I install Simplifeye on an iPad?

Yes, the Simplifeye iOS app can be installed on any iPad that’s capable of running iOS 10 and up. However, an iPad cannot pair with a Watch, so you will not be able to use the Watch app unless you also own a compatible iPhone.

Is Simplifeye on Android?

Not yet. The Android version of the Simplifeye app is currently in development.

Apple Watch

Can I use Simplifeye on the Watch without the iPhone?

No. Apple did not design the Watch to be a standalone device– think of the Watch as an extension of the iPhone. The Simplifeye app must be installed on the iPhone, and in order to use Simplifeye on the Watch, that iPhone must be on and communicating with the Watch.

Can I use a Watch with more than one iPhone?

The short answer is no. It can be done, but is extremely impractical and involves a 40+ minute process each time you switch iPhones.

The long answer: An Apple Watch can only be paired with one iPhone at a time. To pairing with a different iPhone, you will have to erase all the content on your Watch, pair it with the new iPhone, and reinstall / reconfigure all your apps.

How long does the Watch battery last?

If fully charged, the Watch will last through your work day with plenty of battery to spare, no matter how much the Watch is used. That’s why it’s critical to place the Watch on its charging dock overnight.

Do I have to carry the iPhone with me when I use the Watch?

Yes. The Watch only works when it can directly communicate with the iPhone. While the devices can be a certain distance apart and still work (about the length of a room), the safest bet is to simply keep your iPhone in your pocket.

I have a personal Watch and a Watch I use for work. Can I pair both of them with my iPhone?

Yes. Your iPhone can be paired with more than one Watch. For more details and how to do this, see Apple’s support article on using more than one Watch with your iPhone.


The Dashboard is buggy / doesn't look like it's supposed to.

Please check whether you're using a modern browser (Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox).

Simplifeye was designed on and works best on Chrome, so we recommend you use it as well. The install is super easy and only takes a minute.

Can I use the Dashboard on my iPhone or iPad?

Your iPhone screen is probably too small for using the Dashboard, since it runs in the browser. However, a standard sized iPad should work.

Simplifeye in the Office

My practice has more than one physical location. Can I still use Simplifeye?

Yes, Simplifeye supports multiple locations for all of our EMR integrations.

How can I turn off patient ready notifications when I'm at home or outside the office?

To stop receiving notifications on the Watch and iPhone, just go to your Simplifeye app and sign out.

If an employee is no longer working at the office, will they still have access to Simplifeye?

Once an employee leaves your practice, we can deactivate their account so they're no longer able to access patient information.

New/Replacement Hardware

My Watch broke. Can I get a new one?

Oh no! File a support ticket here and be sure to include your phone number. A member of the Simplifeye customer support team will get in touch with you ASAP.

Can I swap out my Watch for a different version?

If you’re not experiencing any issues with your Watch and you would simply like a different model or color, please contact your Simplifeye account manager.

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