This guide will instruct Android users with Android Wear watches on how to setup their devices for Simplifeye. Android Wear watches have increased independence from the phone, so you'll also have to make sure to install the application on your Watch separately as written below.

Pairing your Android Wear Watch

  1. Turn on your phone, and make sure Bluetooth is activated.

  2. Download the Android Wear application from the Google Play Store onto your phone.

  3. Turn on your Watch and “Tap to begin” as instructed. You’ll then be asked to select a language.

  4. Open the “Android Wear” application on your phone and tap “Set It Up”, and turn on Bluetooth if it’s not on already.

  5. On your Watch, scroll down to find the Watch name and 4 numbers. (e.g., LG Watch Sport 1234, HUAWEI WATCH 2 7890, etc.)

  6. On your phone, you should now see “Connect your watch” and a list of device names like the one displayed on the Watch. Make sure to select the Watch name and digits that match your Watch. The devices will now connect. If this attempt fails just tap the option to “RETRY” at the bottom of the display.

  7. A “Bluetooth pairing request” prompt will then appear. Confirm that the 6-digit passkey on both devices are the same and tap “OK” to complete the connection.

  8. The devices will begin checking for updates and will install them if necessary. This may take a few minutes.

Copying your Google account

Android allows you to have multiple Google accounts (similar to Apple IDs) on your phone, so users will have the ability to select the ones they’d like to use on their Watch.

  1. Choose the desired Google accounts you want to have on your Watch and tap “Next”; you must copy over at least one account to be able to install applications on the Watch.

  2. Tap “Next” on the page titled “Confirm to continue”.

  3. For security purposes, you will have to enter your screen lock PIN in order to confirm ownership. Enter your PIN and tap “Next” again.

  4. Tap “Copy” to continue. Enter the selected Google account's password when prompted to finalize.

  5. Tap “Done” and you’re all set!

Installing the app on your phone

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.

  2. Search for “Simplifeye” and select the app amongst shown results. You can also download the app to your device from your computer as long as your logged into the correct Google account. (Play Store)

  3. Tap “Install” to begin the installation. You’ll know the installation is complete when you see the option to “Open” the app.

Installing the app on your Watch

To use Simplifeye on your Watch, you'll have to perform a separate download of the app to the device.

  1. If the screen is dim, tap the display or press the power button to wake up your watch. (The location of the power button will depend on the device, but it's typically a crown button on the right)

  2. Once the Watch has awoken and you see the current clock face, press the power button again to see the list of installed apps.

  3. Scroll down and tap Play Store. Accept the terms and conditions by tapping “Yes, I’m in.”

  4. You should now see a green magnifying glass at the top of the display. Scroll down to the section marked “Apps on your phone”. Because Simplifeye is already installed on your phone, you should be able to find the Simplifeye icon in this section. Tap the download icon to immediately download it to your Watch.


Once you’ve signed into Simplifeye on your Android phone, you’ll be automatically signed into your paired Watch! If this isn't the case, try logging out of and back into the Simplifeye phone app.

TIP: Adding Simplifeye to your app favorites

For quick access to Simplifeye amongst your list of installed apps, you can save them as a favorite; this will make sure Simplifeye appears at the very top of the list. Press the power button on your to bring up the applications list. Tap and hold on Simplifeye until it automatically shoots to the top. It will now have a star icon to show you it has been marked as a favorite as seen below

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